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How do I cite this website in a bibliography?

Ehinger, Krista. 13 March 2004. Date you accessed the site. <>.

How do I cite the forums in a bibliography?

Poster's last name, Poster's first name. "Title of the Post." Online posting. Date of the post. Forum. Date you accessed the post. <link to the post>.

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Can I submit content to this website (class notes, tutorials, etc.)?

Sure. The best formats for sending something are either HTML or plaintext (I can also accept Word documents). If you wish to contribute to this site, please email me and I will let you know how to submit your stuff. I will credit you if I add your work to this site, but I reserve the right to edit anything you send.

Who made this website?

My name is Krista Ehinger, and I created the U.S. History portion of this website in 1998. It became at the start of January 2000, and forums were started in October 2003. Some other people who deserve credit for this website are Jim, who edited the notecards for accuracy and contributed to the outline, and Peg, who typed the notecards. This is a student-maintained site -- no one involved in this website has any association with the College Entrance Exam Board.


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