U.S. History Outline: VI. The Mexican-American War

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The U.S. wanted California
Polk had Taylor and the U.S. army bild a fort in disputed area between Nueces & Rio Grand
Mexicans attacked fort Brown, Taylor counterattacked

Northern phase of war
    Zachary Taylor attacked Northern Mexico and lost
    Santa Anna at Buena Vista - 1847
    Polk concerned about Taylor's popularity, replaced him with Winfield Scott
Southern phase of war
    Scott marched on Mexico City, seized it

Stephen Kirne seized California
    Mexicans won first battle
    Kirne joined with fleet at coast, marched on San Fransisco
    John C. Freemont
       Part of Kirne's group
       Made a "republic" of himself and a few hundred friends
       Declared California independent
       Made an excuse for U.S. to claim California

Feb. 1848 - Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    Mexico ceded northern territories to U.S. for $15 million

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