Presidential Elections: 1824 - 1868

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1824 Election
VPPartyPop. VoteElect. Vote
John Q. AdamsJohn CalhounDemocratic-Republican30.9%32.2%1
Andrew JacksonJohn CalhounDemocratic-Republican41.4%37.9%1
William CrawfordNathaniel MaconDemocratic-Republican11.2%15.7%1
Henry ClayNathon SanfordDemocratic-Republican13.0%14.2%1

1828 Election
VPPartyPop. VoteElect. Vote
Andrew JacksonJohn CalhounDemocrat56.0%68.2%
John Q. AdamsRichard RushNational Republican43.6%31.8%

1832 Election
VPPartyPop. VoteElect. Vote
Andrew JacksonMartin Van Buren
William Wilkins1
Henry ClayJohn SergeantNational Republican37.4%17.0%
John FloydHenry LeeIndependent Democrat0.0%3.8%
William WirtAmos EllmakerAnti-Masonic7.8%2.4%

1836 Election
VPPartyPop. VoteElect. Vote
Martin Van BurenRichard Johnson2
William Smith2
William HarrisonFrancis Granger
John Tyler3
Hugh WhiteJohn TylerWhig9.7%8.8%
Daniel WebsterFrancis GrangerWhig2.7%4.8%
Willie MangumJohn TylerWhig0.0%3.7%

1840 Election
VPPartyPop. VoteElect. Vote
William HarrisonJohn TylerWhig52.9%79.6%
Martin Van BurenRichard Johnson4
Littleton Tazewell4
James Polk4
James BirneyThomas EarleLiberty0.3%0.0%

1844 Election
VPPartyPop. VoteElect. Vote
James PolkGeorge DallasDemocrat49.5%61.8%
Henry ClayTheodore FrelinghuysenWhig48.1%38.2%
James BirneyThomas MorrisLiberty2.3%0.0%

1848 Election
VPPartyPop. VoteElect. Vote
Zachary TaylorMillard FillmoreWhig47.3%56.2%
Lewis CassWilliam ButlerDemocrat42.5%43.8%
Martin Van BurenCharles AdamsFree Soil10.1%0.0%

1852 Election
VPPartyPop. VoteElect. Vote
Franklin PierceWilliam KingDemocrat50.8%85.8%
Winfield ScottWilliam GrahamWhig43.9%14.2%
John HaleGeorge JulianFree Soil4.9%0.0%

1856 Election
VPPartyPop. VoteElect. Vote
James BuchananJohn BreckenridgeDemocrat45.3%58.8%
John FremontWilliam DaytonRepublican33.1%38.5%
Millard FillmoreAndrew DonelsonAmerican21.5%2.7%

1860 Election
VPPartyPop. VoteElect. Vote
Abraham LincolnHannibal HamlinRepublican39.8%59.4%
John BreckenridgeJoseph LaneSouthern Democrat18.1%23.8%
John BellEdward EverettConstitutional Union12.6%12.9%
Stephen DouglasHerschel JohnsonDemocrat29.5%4.0%

1864 Election
VPPartyPop. VoteElect. Vote
Abraham LincolnAndrew JohnsonRepublican55.0%90.6%
George McClellanGeorge PendletonDemocrat45.0%9.0%

1868 Election
VPPartyPop. VoteElect. Vote
Ulysses GrantSchuyler ColfaxRepublican52.7%72.8%
Horatio SeymourFrancis Blair Jr.Democrat47.3%27.2%

1 Of the 219 electoral votes for Andrew Jackson, 189 voted for Martin Van Buren as his running mate, and 30 voted for William Wilkins.
2 Electoral votes for Martin Van Buren were split between two running mates: Richard Johnson (49.9%) and William Smith (7.9%). Since neither VP had a majority of electoral votes, the Senate took a vote to determine VP, which Richard Johnson won.
3 Of the 73 electoral votes for William Harrison, 63 voted for Francis Granger as his running mate, and 10 voted for John Tyler.
4 Electoral votes for Martin Van Buren were split between three vice presidential candidates.

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