Presidential Elections: 1804 - 1820

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1804 Election
VPPartyElectoral Vote
Thomas JeffersonGeorge ClintonDemocratic-Republican162
Charles PickneyRufus KingFederalist14

1808 Election
VPPartyElectoral Vote
James MadisonGeorge Clinton
John Langdon1
Charles PickneyRufus KingFederalist47
George ClintonJames Madison2
James Monroe2

1812 Election
VPPartyElectoral Vote
James MadisonElbridge GerryDemocratic-Republican128
DeWitt ClintonJared IngersollFederalist89

1816 Election
VPPartyElectoral Vote
James MonroeDaniel TompkinsDemocratic-Republican183
Rufus KingJohn Howard3
James Ross3
John Marshall3
Robert Harper3

1820 Election
VPPartyElectoral Vote
James MonroeDaniel Tompkins
Richard Stockton4
Daniel Rodney4
Robert Harper4
John Q. AdamsRichard RushDemocratic-Republican1

1 9 of the 122 electors who voted for James Madison voted for John Langdon as his VP, instead of George Clinton.
2 Of the 6 votes for George Clinton, 3 electors voted for Madison as his running mate, and 3 voted for Monroe.
3 22 of the votes for Rufus King had John Harper as his running mate, but the other 12 votes were split among three other VP candidates.
4 Once again, the electors couldn't agree on a VP - 218 of the votes for James Monroe chose Daniel Tompkins as his running mate, and the other 13 votes were split among three other VP candidates.

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