Testing Tips: Studying for the AP Test

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Study throughout the school year. Last-minute cramming works for some tests, but it's not an effective study method for AP tests.

Actually read your textbook. Even if your teacher gives thorough lectures, you will benefit from having seen the material twice.

If the school's textbook is truly unreadable, try purchasing a general American history text at a college or bookstore. If you do this, make sure that the level is appropriate (a college-level text or the equivalent), that it covers the information you will need to know for the AP test, and that it goes into enough detail on the important topics.

To absorb more of the information in the textbook, read it in small portions and take the time to review after each section.

Take notes. Not only do they help your memory, you can use them as study sheets later on in the year.

In the month before the test, review all your notes and study sheets from the school year so it's all fresh in your mind.

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