Testing Tips: Suggestions for the Multiple-Choice Questions

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Due to the way the multiple-choice questions are scored (plus 1 point for each correct answer, minus a fraction of a point for each wrong answer, with nothing gained or lost for unanswered questions), random guessing is unlikely to change your final score.

If you can eliminate one or more answers as obviously wrong, guessing from among the remaining choices probably will increase your score.

Don't waste too much time agonizing over a difficult question. Skip it and come back to it later.

Make sure the number on the answer sheet matches the number of the question you're answering. (I know it sounds stupid, but it's an easy mistake to make and it's a real waste of time to go back and erase all those answers to match them up correctly again.)

Be careful to note whether the question asks "Which of the following IS true..." or "Which of the following is NOT true..." (Again, it sounds obvious, but it's an common mistake.)

The questions that ask you to choose some or all of the Roman-numeral choices are often most easily answered by eliminating all the wrong answers. (If you aren't familiar with these questions, they're explained here as example #3.)

Go back and check your answers after you finish.

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