U.S. History Outline: XI. World War I

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WWI made the U.S. more isolationist and made it a world power
League of Nations - mediated international disputes
"Big 4" - Wilson (U.S.), Clemenceau (France), Lloyd George (Britain), Orlando (Spain)
U.S. never ratified the Treaty of Versailles
    Democrats modified treaty and would not vote for original
    Republicans would not vote for modified treaty
1919 - Wilson had a stroke, incapacited for rest of his term
1919 - Chicago race riots
1919-1920 - Brief economic recession
1920 - Red Scare
    Caused by formation of Comintern, mail bombs
    1920 - Palmer raids
    1920 - Sacco and Vanzetti trial
1929 - German economy collapsed
    Germany defaulted on reparation payments to France and Britain
    France and Britain defaulted on debts to U.S.

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