Presidential Elections: 1789 - 1800

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Note: During this time period, there were no vice-presidential running mates. The candidate with the highest number of electoral votes became president, and the candidate with the second-highest number of electoral votes became vice-president. This was changed after the Jefferson-Burr tie of 1800.

1789 Election
PartyElectoral Vote
George Washingtonnone69
John Adamsnone34
John Jaynone9
Robert Harrisonnone6
John Rutledgenone6

1792 Election
PartyElectoral Vote
George WashingtonFederalist132
John AdamsFederalist77
George ClintonDemocratic-Republican50
Thomas JeffersonDemocratic-Republican4
Aaron BurrDemocratic-Republican1

1796 Election
PartyElectoral Vote
John AdamsFederalist71
Thomas JeffersonDemocratic-Republican68
Thomas PickneyFederalist59
Aaron BurrDemocratic-Republican30
Samuel AdamsFederalist15

1800 Election
PartyElectoral Vote
Thomas JeffersonDemocratic-Republican731
Aaron BurrDemocratic-Republican731
John AdamsFederalist65
Charles PickneyFederalist64
John JayFederalist1

1 The tie was broken by a separate vote in the House of Representatives, where Jefferson beat Burr 10 votes to 4.

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