The Ideology of the Black Panther Party

by David Hilliard
Speech given at the trial of Bobby Seale (Chairman of the Black Panthers)
November 8, 1969

The ideology of the Black Panther Party is the historical experiences of Black people in America translated through Marxism-Leninism. When we review the past history of Black people in this country, we realize that after 400 years we are victims of the oppressive machinery that gags, binds and chains Black men who speak out in defense of their alleged constitutional rights.

Many people act as if they were surprised at what's happening to the Chairman of the Black Panther Party, Bobby Seale, but I think a careful examination of who our persecutors are will clear the minds of the masses of people that could not see through the so-called judicial smokescreen of justice. These people that tortured and gagged and chained Bobby are the descendants of pirates. Genocidal murderers of the Red Man; users of the atomic bomb upon the Japanese people. The enslavers and exploiters of Blacks in this country right up until this very day.

The Black Panther Party since its inception has always used the weapon of example to educate the masses. When the Minister of Defense, Huey P. Newton, sent a delegation of armed Panthers to the California state Capitol this was a process of educating the people by example that Blacks did not have their rights guaranteed by the constitution to bear arms in defense of their lives against racist mobs of fascists in or out of uniform. So that Huey P. Newton made the statement "an unarmed people are either enslaved or subjected to slavery at any given time." So given Bobby's situation it is crystal clear what he meant.

I think we should get back to the legality of the U.S. constitution in respect to Black people. The rhetoric of the constitution was never in the first paragraph meant for people of African descent. After violating Bobby's 1st amendment rights, his 8th amendment rights on through the 6-13-14 amendments it seems to me the whole damn thing is invalid in regards to Blacks in particular. 4"So when we talk about the ideology of the Black Panther Party we are talking about the experiences of Blacks in racist, fascist America."

As long as we are hung up in theory alone, without ever testing for ourselves the reality of the laws of the courts of this system, we must expect more Bobby Seales, more cruel and inhumane treatment. We must remember this country is run by a slave oligarchy and brigandish criminals who have no respect for its people, be they Black or White; its primary interest is capitalism. So when we talk about the ideology of the Black Panther Party we are talking about the experiences of Blacks in racist, fascist America.

It is sometimes hard to understand bow people react to the term fascist. They think the fascists left when the Hitlerites were defeated. I relate to what Eldridge says, "that the American flag and the American eagle are the true symbols of fascism." The American historian has a way of justifying this system by using Germany as the most vicious enemy against mankind, this is perhaps true for the people of Jewish descent. But when we really check this shit out, starting with the genocide of the Indians, the 50,000,000 Black people slaughtered by the oppressors when taken against their will at the point of guns, over 400 years ago, right here in America. Then reminding ourselves of the genocidal and imperialist war against the Vietnamese people, the burning of Blacks on the sacred cross of Christianity. Then it becomes easier to relate to the chieftains of fascism, imperialism, racism; and Bobby Seale's demand for his right to self defense.

How criminal and guilty these people must be to go to the last rung on the ladder of injustice, in the gross violation of the Chairman of the Black Panther Party's human rights; at a time when the entire oppressed peoples of the world are raising up in arms against them. So for the American people we outline your first political education class. The criminal hall of pig justice, the courts where Black men are railroaded from California to Chicago, because these pigs that judge other men and women; particularly Black men and women, are the guilty ones.

The laws that they try to make us respect are oppressive laws, slave laws, laws that protect them and persecute us. I think that above and beyond the old evil, crooked judge and gag, Bobby left a scar on the minds of all those who relate to words without asking questions.

So we say Right On Chairman Bobby, for you have without making a sound exposed the ugly, fascist racist, farce of American Patriotism starring judge J. J. Hoffman the people's enemy number 1?

Remind that old racist mother-fucker Hoffman, to tell the pigs at Chicago O'Hare airport to put back up the sign that says, "what you are, speak so loud I hardly hear anything you are saying."

David Hilliard
Chief of Staff |