Woman a Part of Man - The Female Sex Dependent Upon the Male

by C. E. Tibbles
Chapter XXXVI from Book of Letters: How to Make Best of Life vs. Woman Suffrage

Woman is part of man, and that part of man is returned to him through a marriage ceremony. Christ said they are one, and shall not be separated. This, the Bible teaches, and the people of sixty years ago honored those teachings while the suffragettes of today dispute them. They say the wife should operate independently of her husband.

If that is the case, they cannot be one. When the wife opposes the interests of the husband or the husband opposes the interests of the wife, they are two.

If woman is not given to man and their interests are not made one through marriage, marriage is not a sacred institution, as we have always regarded it. If marriage makes man and woman and all their interests one, then in order to do that either the man must be given to the woman or the woman given to the man. Many suffragettes claim the man should be given to the woman and the weaklings say, "That's right."

When a man and a woman are married, if the ceremony does not make them a family unit, then marriage is a farce and is only resorted to as a matter of convenience and family rights supposed to have been secured through marriage, are only "pretended rights" and will, through the doctrine of Woman Suffrage, be effaced, as has been shown by the ease with which divorces are obtained.

In olden times we considered that the female was weaker than the male; that man was made strong for woman's support and protection, but in these days, the suffragettes claim that woman is stronger mentally than man and that it is her duty to protect and take care of him by making laws for his control.

Every argument offered by suffragists is based on a false foundation and when that is done, if the false foundation is accepted as a correct one, they can give plausible and apparently reasonable arguments in its favor. They all start from the foundation of man and wife having two separate and distinct interests in opposition to each other.

If man and wife are one, their interests must be the same and they will both vote for the same political candidate. Therefore, it would be useless for the wife to vote, because the result of elections would be the same without her vote.

No man can give a plausible or reasonable argument in favor of Woman Suffrage without starting from a false foundation.

The arguments offered in favor of Woman Suffrage seem in appearance to have come from the brain of one while standing in the midst of a desert plain with mirage floating in every direction from his standpoint.

The Female Sex Dependent Upon the Male Sex.

While the female sex is weaker than the male and is, therefore, dependent upon the male, no natural man denies the fact that his wife earns her living while she remains in her own sphere of life. A man thinks more of his wife and daughters than he does of his life and will sacrifice it at any time for their preservation. He only wishes that he could do more for them than he is able to do.

That is the natural man. He does not begrudge them his life's work. Neither does he make slaves of them as charged by suffragettes who claim they are forced into public life, and when in public life must have the suffrage in order to protect themselves against the horrid men.

Those are the teachings of the doctrine of Universal Suffrage which are disturbing the world today, and which will, if continued, disrupt this government by first dissolving the "family unit."

The little canary bird that hangs in the parlor charms the family and drives trouble away through its beautiful songs. It earns its living, and none of the family envies the bird or call the care which they give it a burden. Yet, it is dependent upon man.

The window is left open and the bird escapes into the open world. It enjoys the life of commingling with strange birds. It likes the freedom of its new sphere in life and refuses to be taken back into the security of its former home, to be guarded and protected by those who are able to do so, which liberty and independence works its destruction. And so it has been and will be with the women who deny they are dependent upon the men and escape from their homes into the open world, into another sphere, that of commingling with strange people and engage in the strange and unknown field of politics, where they cannot accomplish any good for themselves or for the world and in which they will meet all the difficulties that the little bird met. And their fates will be identical with that of the bird.

Women were created weak and dependent upon men for the purpose of keeping them in their own sphere, in which they must work for future generations by bearing children and training them for the future. But if the doctrine of Woman Suffrage is carried out, it will defeat that law of nature which demands that women remain in their own sphere, and which makes it possible for them to accomplish the designs of nature.

In the beginning, the women were dependent upon men for support and protection. The women could not go out and destroy lions, tigers, leopards and serpents to protect themselves, neither could they catch deer, antelope and other wild animals on which to subsist. Men did that for the women and they were dependent upon the men for their support and protection.

It was the same sixty years ago with American Indians. Had they deserted their squaws, those women could not have defended themselves against wild animals, neither could they have captured a sufficient amount of game for their sustenance. The female Indians were dependent upon the males and could not have existed without them. They would have died of starvation, but male Indians could have existed for one generation without the assistance of the females.

The female Indians were dependent upon the males and it is the same with white women today, as shown by the following illustration of withdrawing the men from this country and leaving the women wholly in charge of it. If that should be done te railroads would not be kept in operation, engines would stand idle on the tracks, transportation steamers would lie idle and decay at the wharfs; battle ships would break loose from their anchorage and float silently over the thousands of automobiles and electric cars would stand idle on the boulevards and streets, there being no gasoline or electricity to run them; and the exercise of barefoot walking would become fashionable.

In Chicago, animals from the Lincoln Park Zoo, such as possum, groundhogs, monkeys, apes, wolves, wild cats, hyenas, panther, jaguars, leopards, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, kangaroos, zebras, camels, giraffes, bear, tigers, lions, buffalo and elephants would be marching through the streets in search of their former masters who had fed and cared for them with generous hearts and liberal hands. Serpents, such as the boa constrictor and other reptiles, would multiply.

Large buildings, deserted by human beings would be inhabited by vermin, rats and mice. Marshall Field's basement would be a swimming pond for snakes.

Gas plants would be shut down; pumping station engines would lie idle and the water pipes would be empty. Sewers would fill up and the City of Chicago would become a swamp as of yore. The ladies would retire at twilight and be charmed to sleep by the music of owls, crickets, katydids and frogs.

The bridges which span the Chicago River, would be covered with all kinds of vermin and water animals from the lake and river, rolling and splashing in their slimy wallows, while the more active would be taking sun baths on the railings and sporting at the games, hop, skip and jump and blind man's buff on the beams and braces overhead, to cross which would shatter any woman's nerves.

Farms would be overgrown with weeds and thistles, and the once beautiful residences of the suburbs would be in a tumbledown condition; porches filled with buzzards, owls, hawks and wild animals, with rats sitting upright on the steps to welcome coming visitors.

Sugar factories would be shut down and bonbons would be things of the past. Hats would go out of style and ostriches of California would be happy in the possession of their plumage.

The women would not have power to combat with the elements and surroundings much less support themselves, or enforce the laws against the encroachments of their enemies (the animals). Yet we are told that Woman Suffrage, the nonsensical new theory, would be better than the old, and we are asked to delegate the power of control to the female sex because the male is the weaker sex and has not brains enough to protect and manage this government successfully.

Our women could not go to the Stock Yards every day and slaughter the animals which we cat. They should not be expected to do so. Neither should they be expected to take charge of the management of this government, which would be more distressing and harassing to them than it would be to grasp the bullock's horn and slash its throat with a knife or plunge the dagger to the hearts of swine. Yet, it is proclaimed from the platform by suffragettes "that man's sphere is woman's sphere, there is only one sphere for both sexes, and there is not a right belonging to man that is not the right of woman."

Should men engage in woman's sphere and take charge of a household, prepare the meals; dust the parlor; keep the kitchen clean; entertain lady callers and return their calls; take the children out every day for an airing; order their clothing; put a trick in here and there to make it fit; walk the floor at night with baby in arms singing lullabys to quiet it; wash and change the children's clothing several times a day so they may be sweet and clean on meeting the mother when she returns from her manual labor, he would make a total failure and the wife would have no better success in man's sphere.

Should man attempt to occupy woman's sphere, the world would be better without him and it is the same with woman when she undertakes to fill man's sphere, the world would be better without her. Neither of them has the right to attempt to occupy the sphere of the other.

lf women are given the suffrage, they will continue to go into, public life and men will be forced out of their sphere because women will occupy their positions. And as I have before written, this woman suffrage proposition involves the question, "Can women leave their sphere in life and take men's positions and men leave their sphere in life and take women's positions, and both of them succeed as well as they would if they remained in the sphere for which God created them?" We must answer NO.

The continual jangle and argument over the question of whether the female sex is as intellectual and bright as the male sex, is simply nonsense. The facts are that God endowed women with greater intellect, brighter minds and better prepared them to fill positions in their own sphere of life than he gave to men.

He created man and gave him a finer and better intellect to fill his sphere in life than he gave to woman. In other words, man's intellect is good and can be relied upon so long as he remains in his own sphere, but when he departs from the work God has given him to do, his intellect and brain power fail. It is the same with the woman, when she leaves her sphere, her intellect and brain power fail and she makes a failure.

Each sex has been given strength, intellect, adaptability and brain power to overcome the difficulties in the sphere in which it is to operate.

God in His wisdom, created woman for a purpose and gave her wisdom, intelligence and also intuition that she might accomplish those things for which she was created.

It was the intention of our Creator that woman's greatest work should be for future generations, to train and educate her children so that when they came to maturity they would be great and good men and women; and a blessing to the future generation in which they were to live.

Woman was not created to do heavy, coarse work. Had that been the intention of our Creator, she would have been physically constituted to accomplish that for which she was intended. She was not created to make her own living and was not given the power to defend herself.

Men were created strong, robust and able to do the rough, coarse, heavy work, will and wisdom were given to them to support, care for and protect the women, which plan if carried out by both sexes, will make happy homes and a greater and better world. But disobedience to the plans of our Creator, will always bring trouble and distress. For that reason, I have said that "this government cannot stand for any great length of time, if governed by half female and half male votes."

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