Historical Documents: 1901-1950

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July 16, 1901 -- The Evolution of Negro Leadership
by W. E. B. du Bois

December 3, 1901 -- First Annual Message
by Theodore Roosevelt

1903 -- The Souls of Black Folk, Chapter 2: Of the Dawn of Freedom
by W. E. B. Du Bois

September, 1903 -- Excerpts from The Negro Problem: A Series of Articles by Representative American Negroes of Today
Chapter 1: Industrial Education for the Negro
by Booker T. Washington
Chapter 2: The Talented Tenth
br W. E. B. Du Bois

February 13, 1905 -- Lincoln and the Race Problem
by Theodore Roosevelt

March 4, 1905 -- Inaugural Address
by Theodore Roosevelt

1905 -- Lincoln
by S. Weir Mitchell

1907 -- Booker T. Washington as Ambassador and Spokesman
by Kelly Miller

August, 1907 -- Eugene V. Debs as an Orator
by Max Ehrmann

May 23, 1908 -- The Issue
by Eugene Debs

June, 1908 -- Eugene V. Debs, Incarnate Spirit of Revolt
by John Spargo

1909 -- 16th Amendment to the Constitution
Proposed 1909, ratified 1913

1912 -- Bull Moose Party
by C. Budd

1912 -- 17th Amendment to the Constitution
Proposed 1912, ratified 1913

1912 -- Excerpts from Book of Letters: How to Make the Best of Life vs. Woman Suffrage
by C. E. Tibbles
Chapter XXV: Busy Men Pay But Little Attention to Woman Suffrage
Chapter XXVII: Replies to Articles Published - Criminal Classes Often Control Politics - Comparison of the Number of Men and Women in jail
Chapter XXX: The Battlefields of Life - Domestic Infelicity the Cause of Man's Failure
Chapter XXXIII: Taxation Without Representation
Chapter XXXIV: Suffrage Given to the Negro - Excitement Caused By the Assassination of President Lincoln
Chapter XXXV: You Gave the Right of Suffrage to the Negro - Why Not Give It to Us?
Chapter XXXVI: Woman a Part of Man - The Female Sex Dependent Upon the Male
Chapter XXXVII: Conclusion

1914 -- The New morality
by Paul Elmer More

1915 -- Why Women Should Vote
by Jane Addams

1915 -- Objections Answered
by Alice Stone Blackwell

1915 -- Do You Know?
by Carrie Chapman Catt

May 10, 1915 -- Americanism and the Foreign-Born
by Woodrow Wilson

1917 -- 18th Amendment to the Constitution
Proposed 1917, ratified 1919

January 8, 1918 -- Basis of a General Peace: Fourteen Points
by Woodrow Wilson

May 16, 1918 -- Espionage Act

June 16, 1918 -- Canton, Ohio Speech
by Eugene Debs

1918 -- Those Who Laugh at The Drunken Man

1919 -- 19th Amendment to the Constitution
Proposed 1919, ratified 1920

1926 -- Unratified amendment to the Constitution
Proposed 1926, not ratified

1932 -- 20th Amendment to the Constitution
Proposed 1932, ratified 1933

March 4, 1933 -- First Inaugural Address
by Franklin D. Roosevelt

1933 -- 21st Amendment to the Constitution
Proposed 1933, ratified 1933

May 1, 1937 -- Neutrality Act
Joint resolution of Congress

Fall of 1939 -- Hitler and Stalin

August 14, 1941 -- Atlantic Charter
by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill

December 8, 1941 -- A Date Which Will Live in Infamy
by Franklin D. Roosevelt

December 11, 1941 -- Recommendation to Declare War Against Germany
by Franklin D. Roosevelt

December 11, 1941 -- Declaration of War Against Germany
Joint resolution of Congress

December 11, 1941 -- Declaration of War Against Japan
Joint resolution of Congress

May 8, 1945 -- Declaration of Victory in Europe
by Harry S. Truman

March 12, 1947 -- Truman Doctrine
by Harry S. Truman

1947 -- 22nd Amendment to the Constitution
Proposed 1947, ratified 1951

April 9, 1949 -- North Atlantic Treaty
Treaty between the U.S. and European nations

February, 1950 -- Communists in Government Service
by Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, Sen. Lucas of Illinois, and Sen. Lodge of Massachusetts

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