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There are four additional essay questions following the document-based question, numbered 2 through 5. You must answer two of the four questions (either 2 or 3, and either 4 or 5). Which question you answer in each pair is entirely up to you. This section of the test is 70 minutes long; it is recommended that you spend 5 minutes planning and 30 minutes writing each essay.

The two essay questions in each pair ask about different time periods and cover different aspects of history. Some of the questions may give you a choice of subtopics. For example:

4. Explain the reasons for the U.S. entering World War I.

5. Explain the effects of the following on the growth of industry in the 1820s and 1830s (pick two):
The War of 1812
The Era of Good Feelings
Improvements in technology
Increased immigration

You should use plenty of historical details to support your answer. As with the D.B.Q., the graders are looking for a thoughtful response and good historical understanding.

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